We are IUC Syd – our mission and how we work

IUC Syd is an industrial development centre with a mission to promote growth and competitiveness in industrial companies in Skåne. We are a member-owned organisation, with no profit motive.

What distinguishes us is that we work closely with companies, by listening, identifying needs, and finding smart ways to implement practical activities to help them develop. We do this by being a neutral meeting place between the business community, academia, and the public sector.

We help industrial companies in Skåne work towards long-term, competitive, and innovative growth.

IUC Syd is a company-supporting organisation and a Skåne cluster. Every year, we have meetings with approximately 400 industrial companies. These meetings enable us to map needs and implement development initiatives together with our broad network in the business community and academia. We also act as an industrial cluster, representing industry’s needs in relation to regional, national, and international actors. Since 2020, we have been gold-certified according to a European standard.


We are specialists in identifying companies’ needs and linking them to the right initiative. Examples of support from IUC Syd are a company participating in a long development project extending over several years, or by arranging other events, where we invite companies to participate in various networks, seminars, training courses, technology workshops, etc.

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We implement the initiatives through various forms of member activities, state-financed initiatives through IUC Projekt, and services through IUC Lab and IUC Kompetens. Our work focuses on issues and challenges in the fields of technology, business, and skills and expertise.

Industrial companies are facing a rapidly accelerating rate of technological development, and we help them access and apply both known and new technology. At the same time, companies’ expertise relating to business development is facing completely new challenges. We demonstrate opportunities to develop both existing and new sustainable business.

In a time of rapid transition, industry continually needs to ensure a supply of skills, and we work with the entire chain, from inspiring the future workforce to supporting in-service training of existing staff.