IUC Projekt – initiatives to strengthen your company

We run various needs-based development projects aimed at strengthening and developing industry in Skåne. The objectives and activities in the projects are steered by the challenges and development needs of our members and industry, and are matched with calls to apply for funding from public funding bodies.

We always have a large number of projects in progress, enabling us to help your company tackle current challenges. Business development, automation and robotisation, skills development, digitalisation, and sustainability are examples of areas in which we work in project form to help your company create and develop sustainable growth.

Most of our projects are aimed specifically at small and medium-sized industrial enterprises according to the EU definition of SME. However, the outcomes of the projects benefit all companies in the form of new training courses, networks, and other activities and services. So please don’t hesitate to contact us, regardless of company size.

If there are no projects that meet your needs, we can usually help with customised solutions and contacts. Everything we do is based on collaboration, and we are happy to discuss ideas with you when we outline new projects.
Joakim Enquist, CEO, IUC Syd